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LanIT Services

Stay Connected, Stay Secure

LanIT Services

Who We Are!

We are a tech company specializing in Small Business and Home IT Solutions that enable our customers and clients to utilize today’s technology for the future.

Home Security and Automation

We install and maintain IP Cameras, Video Doorbells, and a Myriad of Home Automation technologies.

Network Infrastructure Services

Our Network Architecture team provides both Small Business and Enterprise services that are tailored to the client.

Compute Infrastructure

Our Compute Architecture team Provides both Small Business and Enterprise Services that are tailored to the cleint.


We provide Analytics for clients website that give our clients peace of mind and actionable data to conform their website to users needs .

Web Design

Our Web Design services Provide professional and adaptable websites for startups and Enterprises alike.

Cloud Management

We take the burden off of you by Implementing and maintaining your cloud environment rather you want to run an application or Production servers we have you covered.


Our Data Door Device is designed to protect you from those who want to do you harm over the internet. Rather you are in your home or our at your favorite resturant our Data Door Technology will keep you safe.

1 Hour Consultation

Our 1 Hour consultation service involves giving you a website that allows you to hit the ground running that is both professional in appearance and adaptable in content.

Computer and Mobile Repair

Having Computer or Mobile phone problems? Need a Professional to be engaged? LanIT Provides a services that enables you to get help when you need it.

1 Hour Consultation

We can solve Your Website Needs in 1 Hour from start to finish.

Put a Virtual Door on your Data!

When you buy a home you have an expectation that it comes with a front door. When you buy a car, you have an expectation that it comes with a door. a door is a barrier, it seperates the public domain from the private domain. A door for your data is also needed to seperate the Public Internet from Your Private Home Network.

Introducing Data|Door a device that seperates and protects you from the Digital world. It gives you piece of mind that when you surf the internet, use Online Banking, or do anything requiring privacy your data is secured and anonymous.

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We truly care about our users and our Services.